So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…

Animal Farm

C2C Afghan – Turned out a bit big for a baby but thrilled with how pretty it turned out!

Many thanks to co-worker for suggesting the black panels on the sides.

52″ x 60″


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Enforcing Nap Time

Baby Police Cap

Only made the hat.

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Neck Cozy

Made for grandma and it only took 4 years to finish!

Grandma's infinity scarf

68″ all around and 9.5″ wide

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Twirl Around

Salem + crown picot edging


43″ x 47″

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The Bus is Here!

backup 506 backup 511

Super excited how this turned out!



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Don’t Wig Out

Toddler size with Caron Simply Soft Yarn in black and leftover ribbon from something I took apart.

wig hat


Only thing I changed is the pigtails.  Used 80 strands of yarn instead of 25.

Hope it fits!

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Double the Fun!

For the newly married couple. It was a pretty quick project.


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Basket Case

A 2-year old’s birthday gift.

The book was easy to understand and very helpful.

The basket is also a hat.

Her favorite is the carrot!

felt food

For someone who is a Smash-aholic.  A cover that doubles as a folder to hold more stuff.

badtz badtz

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Wobble Wobble


A friend requested a baby penguin for her birthday.  I think this might work!

i cord


Just learned how to make an I-Cord.  Time to make a brain hat!

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Please Do Not Throw Birds At Me!

Took out my red and black yarn and was prepared to make one of the characters from Angry Birds when I realized I should double check with the recipient to see which color bird he likes.

The response:

a) Hans Solo Angry Bird


b) Monster Pig (That’s what he calls it.)

Now, I do not play the game and have no idea what Hans Solo have to do with a bunch of birds being slingshot at pigs so I do the next best thing… I Googled.  Ohhh!  Yellow hairy triangular-like bird = Hans Solo Angry Bird.  Umm, no.  Not making you.  NEXT!  Green pig with a cute crown! Ohhh! This is more like it!  (Search some more)  Success!

photo (24)

Next up, baby penguin!