So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…

A Leg Up

Old Khaki pants = new tripod bag.

Inspired by the bag on the left. Loved the style!




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Flip Off

(For a 1-year old)

backup 121

fabric books 025 fabric books 014fabric books 016 fabric books 018 fabric books 020 fabric books 022

This was fun and easy to make!  The only tricky part was figuring out how to bind the pages together.

Currently working on another book for a baby boy!

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Chew On This

Book DONE! (For a 1-year old)

nerys' book 004 nerys' book 011 nerys' book 012 nerys' book 014 fabric books 026a nerys' book 015

I might embroider the recipient’s name on the back pocket.

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