So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…

I’m Stuffed!

Minecraft ground block with fleece.

ground block

Snake from Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls.


The skinny pincushion.

skinny pincushion

And I didn’t even get to use my new toy!


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Flip Off

(For a 1-year old)

backup 121

fabric books 025 fabric books 014fabric books 016 fabric books 018 fabric books 020 fabric books 022

This was fun and easy to make!  The only tricky part was figuring out how to bind the pages together.

Currently working on another book for a baby boy!

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A 2-year old’s newest obsession.  Guess who!


Almost done. Just need some innards.




Very happy the kiddies love their new dolls.  I was told the little one even screams for “Bobby” when she wakes up in the morning and takes it EVERYWHERE she goes!  That makes me smile.

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Personalize This!

Saw this and thought it would be a fun project so I asked a 5-year old to draw me a picture.

She drew this:


It also came with specific instructions (She made me write it down too!):

Hair – Black

Eye – Pink

Lips – Red

Bow – Pink with a Yellow center

Dress – Pink and Purple

Shoes – Any color I want (She’s too kind.)

Heart – Purple and Pink

Buttons – Black

Doll Doll hands in pocket

Split Stitch – the facial features

Satin Stitch – the pink part of the eye

The fabric for the dress have some purple in it!  (That’s enough, right?)

The hands fit into the pockets too!! (That was a bonus.)

Time to work on something for her sister.

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Keep On Trucking

Can’t wait until I get my new desk set up.  It is along the same line as this but they do not have the tabletop in green for that size.  And yes, I’m green obsessed!

I finally got around to making a cushion for the bench I’ve been sitting on while sewing.  So much more comfortable now!


Started working on gifts again and made this scissor case. Image

I’m going to miss all this free time when I have to go back to work on Monday.    Anyway, I love how it turned out!


Did not have leather on hand so I used this pretty scale-like cloth on the back.  Added some rigidity by using dark brown stiffened felt as the lining.


See how the light hits it?!  Shiny!

Made another page for the book.


Originally made mittens for myself but it turned out to be a bit snug around the thumb area.  Will try again next time.  Did not want to waste the material so I incorporated it into the book.  Turned out fine in the end.


Relaxing Sunday

I spent all day creating pages for my newest obsession.  I think this will end up being for two books; an older and younger child.  Almost completed 5 pages today.  Just waiting to get some muslin!




The circles are attached with Velcro.  The words was good practice for hand embroidery.  I started working from the bottom up.  On GO, the strands are a bit looser compared to the STOP.



The bow tying page.


20121028-225220.jpgAnother signal page.  This one may be for the younger child.  The hand and figure are attached with Velcro.  Love how the WALK figure turned out!  See the bottom edge of the floral fabric?  Let’s hope I can hide that as part of the seam allowance when I sew the pages together.

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