So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…


Additional page for the busy book.

Back to crocheting! I like how this hat turned out.

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Four Day Weekend!

A stocking for the Hello Kitty obsessed.

This is for a 3-year old Elmo fan.  A Crayon & Coloring Book Carrier.


Blanket and matching bapron.


Now, what else should I make?  Maybe a hat…

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My Space (Not the Website)

Ikea table top and adjustable legs x2

Way Basics Storage Cubes Plus x4

Time to do some organizing!



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1. Beard + Hat + Stache = Success!!

2. Apron + Hat = A junior chef in the making.

3. For a boy that loves cars.  Now he can take them along wherever he goes.

The trees, duck, and fish are interchangeable.  They are attached with snaps.

Folded up and closed.

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You Are Despicable!

I don’t think he can reach the pedals. (Or the seat, for that matter.)

Ring! Ring! Goes the bell!

Yay! Another project done.  CHECK!


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Inside You Go

Vinyl is a pain to sew! Even with masking tape all over my machine and presser foot!  I need more practice.  The pouch slowly got downgraded in size since I kept cutting sections off whenever I messed up.  It was supposed to look like this but it morphed into what you see here because I got tired of redoing the zipper a dozen or so times.  It took me about two hours to finish.

Made this Kitty to go into the pouch.  A little something for the birthday girl tomorrow.



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Everything in Its Place

Another present DONE!

As per request, made the Crayon & Coloring Book Carrier into a Crayon, Colored Pencils/Markers & Coloring Book Carrier.

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Want To Make More!

My first tries at the log cabin quilt pattern. They are right. It IS addictive!



Already cut up two shirts for strips. Need to take the rotary cutter away from me!

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Keep On Trucking

Can’t wait until I get my new desk set up.  It is along the same line as this but they do not have the tabletop in green for that size.  And yes, I’m green obsessed!

I finally got around to making a cushion for the bench I’ve been sitting on while sewing.  So much more comfortable now!


Started working on gifts again and made this scissor case. Image

I’m going to miss all this free time when I have to go back to work on Monday.    Anyway, I love how it turned out!


Did not have leather on hand so I used this pretty scale-like cloth on the back.  Added some rigidity by using dark brown stiffened felt as the lining.


See how the light hits it?!  Shiny!

Made another page for the book.


Originally made mittens for myself but it turned out to be a bit snug around the thumb area.  Will try again next time.  Did not want to waste the material so I incorporated it into the book.  Turned out fine in the end.


Page Turners

It started off as a striped pocket that later evolved into a face. It seemed less plain this way.

The gaming page. You can choose between a star and a heart puzzle or play 3-In-A-Row.

This page is to contain the puzzle pieces.

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