So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…

No Sweat!

Another day at home equals more sewing for me! I started rummaging through my ‘to donate’ pile and found a pair of sweatpants as my new victim. Grabbed my seam ripper and started the deconstruction to end up with somewhat of a flat panel of fabric. Now the question is, what to do with it?


The void you see there is the result of making this:


I also decided to install some pockets to another pair of sweatpants. Which will it be? Inset or patch? I chose the latter because I like the pop of color.


These are my new laundry pants because now it can hold my laundry card AND keys!


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Cannot Help Myself

I had to do it! Love how the recycling symbol turned out! Added an inset pocket to hold the pictures.

Not sure how I feel about the yarn attached to the removable pieces. It can always be cut out if need be.

The green circle also doubles as additional storage since it is not completely sealed.


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Relaxing Sunday

I spent all day creating pages for my newest obsession.  I think this will end up being for two books; an older and younger child.  Almost completed 5 pages today.  Just waiting to get some muslin!




The circles are attached with Velcro.  The words was good practice for hand embroidery.  I started working from the bottom up.  On GO, the strands are a bit looser compared to the STOP.



The bow tying page.


20121028-225220.jpgAnother signal page.  This one may be for the younger child.  The hand and figure are attached with Velcro.  Love how the WALK figure turned out!  See the bottom edge of the floral fabric?  Let’s hope I can hide that as part of the seam allowance when I sew the pages together.

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Pretty Accident

Originally made a sun for the barn page but in the end it was better suited as a flower. That was a good excuse to add a bit of crochet into the book. Blooms are interchangeable since they are held in place with metal snaps.


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So excited! First time working with fusible web and it worked perfectly! Love how the barn came out!


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Finger Puppets

Trying my hand at making a quiet/busy book.

Started by cutting out the animals and adding the details. Stitching them together will have to wait until tomorrow.


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Baked Chicken Nuggets

Who knew they were so easy to make. Great way to use up chicken breasts too!


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This clip goes with the Ergo.


ERGO fix


2 kids and counting. Had to refresh this so a friend can use it for her 3rd child.

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