So Much Noise

Trapped in a box. Forever trying to get out…

Under the Sea


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I’m Stuffed!

Minecraft ground block with fleece.

ground block

Snake from Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls.


The skinny pincushion.

skinny pincushion

And I didn’t even get to use my new toy!


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Pig Out


Friend was shopping for her daughter and mentioned how the dolls looked strange because she was used to seeing the character having both eyes on one side of the face.  That’s when I decided to make this for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Hope they like it!

Very happy with the way the tail and hands turned out.  It took forever to make!  The face is one-sided so the other side of the doll is just the back of the head.

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Don’t Break the Yolk


How do you like YOUR eggs?


Presenting a Present

EK's quilt

Around 43″ x 43″

Font used:  Bauhaus 93


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Don’t Wig Out

Toddler size with Caron Simply Soft Yarn in black and leftover ribbon from something I took apart.

wig hat


Only thing I changed is the pigtails.  Used 80 strands of yarn instead of 25.

Hope it fits!

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Tumble Dry

Used the tumbler template in this one.  Around 43″ x 44″.

o's blanket

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From Stash Magic

Around 45″ x 45″ (Don’t remember the exact size.  Already gave it away.)

Mardi Gras Nights

Mardi Gras Nights

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So Koo!

Daria marathon + needle and thread = Quilting finally done!

Super happy with how it turned out.  Can’t wait to give it away!

Rock-a-Baby (40.5″ x 45.5″)



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Mailed Out

Scissor protector (I can’t read it but the photos are self explanatory.)

phone backup 089

Mug rug

phone backup 169

Added ears to the fleece hat + mittenpaws + tail.

cat 006

Fleece beanie with matching neck gator.


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