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Don’t Break the Yolk


How do you like YOUR eggs?


Presenting a Present

EK's quilt

Around 43″ x 43″

Font used:  Bauhaus 93


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Don’t Wig Out

Toddler size with Caron Simply Soft Yarn in black and leftover ribbon from something I took apart.

wig hat


Only thing I changed is the pigtails.  Used 80 strands of yarn instead of 25.

Hope it fits!

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Tumble Dry

Used the tumbler template in this one.  Around 43″ x 44″.

o's blanket

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From Stash Magic

Around 45″ x 45″ (Don’t remember the exact size.  Already gave it away.)

Mardi Gras Nights

Mardi Gras Nights

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So Koo!

Daria marathon + needle and thread = Quilting finally done!

Super happy with how it turned out.  Can’t wait to give it away!

Rock-a-Baby (40.5″ x 45.5″)



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Mailed Out

Scissor protector (I can’t read it but the photos are self explanatory.)

phone backup 089

Mug rug

phone backup 169

Added ears to the fleece hat + mittenpaws + tail.

cat 006

Fleece beanie with matching neck gator.


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Keep Warm

Two more dresses…

long dresses

Plus a quilt because it gets cold in the winter.


And for a human? A slightly bigger blanket!


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Dress Up

A soon-to-be six-year-old requested clothing for her new doll.  (Work in progress)CPK clothes

Yes, the print for the pink dress is upside down.   Didn’t realize it until after I cut the fabric.  Boo!

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A Leg Up

Old Khaki pants = new tripod bag.

Inspired by the bag on the left. Loved the style!




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